Overall Flying Disc Sports competition is similar to the heptathlon in track and field. The Overall combines multiple disc sports — some individual sports and some pairs sports — and tests the player’s skills and abilities across the spectrum of disciplines.

The player who scores the highest combined point total for his or her final ranking in each event is the Overall champion.

A full-format Overall tournament includes:

  • Accuracy
  • Discathon
  • Disc Golf
  • Distance
  • Double Disc Court
  • Freestyle
  • Self-Caught Flight

The events of Double Disc Court and Freestyle events are played in pairs; Freestyle can also be a co-op, or three-person, event. These events are critical to Overall competition because they gauge a player’s skill and ability to play cooperatively, an intrinsic element of most disc sports.

The full-format Overall competition is usually staged over a week, testing an athlete’s stamina, endurance and concentration, as well as their proficiency in disc skills.

Jack Cooksey, World Champion in disc sports, explains what an Overall Flying Disc Sports Competition is all about.