• Marc Pestotnik

  • Division : Masters (40+)

    • accuracy
    • discathon
    • discgolf
    • distance
    • ddc
    • freestyle
    • scf

With my roots in Throw and Catch, I developed a strong passion for (competitive) Freestyle Frisbee, which I nurtured for the last 12 years. Throughout these years, also other flying disc disciplines attracted me, ending up in playing my first WOC in Norkopping 2015. This event encouraged me to work more on my overall-skills and I am very much looking forward to meeting the community again in Basingstoke!

DDC pioneer in Bielefeld

With playing frisbee freestyle I combine all my passions: travelling, being around open-minded crazy playful people, partying and dancing, playing, being outside, laughing, competing and challenging myself. In my professional life I am fighting racism in an antidiscrimination office.

  • Bianca Strunz

  • Division : Open

    • freestyle